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Salt and MSG

  1. Limit Salt intake to less than 5 grams or one teaspoon of salt a day
  2. Sodium in salt and MSG can increase the risk of developing hypertension
  3. Reduce the use of salt and MSG when cooking, use herbs or spices instead to increase the flavour of your cooking
  4. Have your blood pressure monitored and examined regularly, that is every 3-6 months to know the status of your blood pressure.
  5. Read food labels! Stop, look and choose food lower in salt content
  6. Food labeled as containing  lower than 0.3 g of sodium in every 100 g is considered low salt
  7. Beware of hidden salt. 75% of the salt we consume is hidden in the food we eat.
  8. Its not wrong to go out for a meal! But ask for less salt when ordering from the waiter

Click the google-link here to view and download our posters and table-tent contest on our Salt Reduction Campaign.

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