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Boards Management Office (BMO)​

Ensuring public safety by regulating Brunei's health practitioners in partnership with health professional Boards and Councils.



 BMO is mandated to:

  • Improve capacity to ensure public safety through maintaining and improving standards. 
  • Reduce red tape and increase efficiencies through lean management  and hence optimizing boards and councils performance.
  • Ensure that boards and councils maintain impartiality and uphold values of integrity.

Roles and Functions:

    1. Centralised registration of health professional

  • Provide centralized application for registration for all Boards. 
  • Maintain a register of professionals in a centralized database system. 

    2. Standards and guidelines
         Supporting the Boards on professional standards, codes and guidelines in protecting public safety.

      3. Provides guidance for accreditation, education and training
          Work closely with relevent Boards in providing guidances in the recognition/accreditation of health related programs                and professional development.


     4. Health Practitioners Notification (Feedback and Concerns) Management:
          Feedback and Concerns related to health practitioners can be forwaded to BMO for further  necessary action if relevant


     5. Collaborate with relevant departments/agencies concerning health practitioners

     6. Monitor Performance of each of the Boards:
         All Boards are required to submit their annual report which will be published 

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Click here for Registration process - 

- Click here for list of health professions required to registered under BMO -

​​​​ ​ ​ ​Registration Forms
  Brunei Medical Board  Nursing Board  
of Brunei 

Brunei Darussalam 
   Pharmacy Board
Allied Health Professions Council of Brunei DarussalamTraditional and
Complementary  Medicine Unit
BMB 1 Form - Application for Registration


​Allied Health Professions Registration Form
​​ ​
BMB 2 Form - Application for Annual Practising Certificate

​Application Forms For Supporting Letter ​ ​
​Permohonan Sokongan MoH  

Request of Supporting Letter Form
​Carta Aliran Permohonan Sokongan LPA
Carta Aliran Permohonan Sokongan Pendaftaran Syarikat (ROCBN)


​                                                                                 Notification (Complaint) 

Click here​ for Notification handling policy and procedure -

                                                                - Click here​ for Notifications Forms - 


Annual Report

2016 report -


How to reach us:​

Boards Management Office
2G3:01, Level 3, Ong Sum Ping Condominium, 

Jalan Ong Sum Ping, Ministry of Health 
Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311, Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673 2230025 / +673 2237465
Fax: +673 2237389