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Multisectoral Task Force for Health

Brunei Darussalam has undertaken several actions to address NCDs, including the formulation of the Brunei Darussalam Multisectoral Action Plan on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, BruMAP-NCD, 2013-2018. However, although the recent 10 NCD progress monitoring indicators showed that Brunei Darussalam is on track with surveillance and governance indicators, much still needs to be undertaken to address NCD risk reduction measures.  

With the formation of the Multisectoral Task Force for Health - chaired by the Minister of Health - Brunei Darussalam is now focusing its efforts not only on addressing NCD risk factors but also on a more holistic, integrated life-course approach to address NCDs including ending childhood obesity and promoting mental health. The main role of the taskforce is to ensure collaboration between government and non-government agencies in providing a forum to coordinate work plans which gives an impact to health issues in the country.

The five main action plans under the Multisectoral Task Force for Health are as follow:


For more information on the MTFH:

Secretariat of the MTFH

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